I am a Healthcare Professional of 23+ years in the medical field industry.  I have always been passionate about health and wellness. I have always believed in and supported naturopathic and holistic medicine.  There is so much that nature has to offer us in healing benefits mentally, spiritually and physically.

I am a mom of 2 precious boys (BOYMOM!)  As a parent, we get the blessing of our littles sharing germs with each other.  Four years ago, my boys were younger at the time and seemed to attend a germ fest every week.  Not only did my boys get constantly ill but they shared those germs with their parents. Sigh.  My husband and I were both working full-time in positions where we were facilitating important meetings where we couldn't call off or get someone to facilitate for us.  We both found ourselves working in shifts to "stay home" with an ill child working remotely and then going into the office.  It was insane and not manageable.

In pursuit for a natural remedy to boost our immune systems, I stumbled upon an elderberry article and it's benefits. I continued to do research and found studies and the remarkable effects elderberry syrup had for colds and the flu.  At the time, you could not purchase elderberry syrup in the store.  I purchased the syrup online.  After a couple of months of taking the syrup, my husband and I both noticed the benefits of the syrup and how we were able to stay well. There was a problem.  I did not want to pay the exuberant price for a small 8 oz. bottle to continue to take for 4 people.  I knew there had to be a way I could make the syrup myself.  So I did!  Since then, I have perfected a delicious recipe.

I have been passionate about sharing the benefits of elderberry syrup for four + years with my friends and families and I want to be able to share that same blessing with you and your friends and families!