I am a Healthcare Professional of 23+ years.  I have always had a huge passion for health and wellness and incorporating naturopathic/holistic medicine into our daily lives.  There is so much that nature has to offer us in healing benefits mentally, spiritually and physically.

My journey started when my boys were smaller, and they would bring home all of the germs from daycare and school.  The germs would end up being shared with the entire family.  It seemed to become a revolving door of getting ill.  We would get rid of one virus and then get another.  My husband and boys have a hereditary kidney disease. My desire to keep my husband and boys extremely healthy and my passion with naturopathic medicine, I began to research something naturally to boost our immune systems.  

I came across the medical journals and research for elderberries that had been collected throughout the years.  I found the research to be profound and have remarkable outcomes for people who contracted Influenza A & B (2 strains we experience in the Fall/Winter) as well as H1NI, other viruses and colds.   

At the time, you could not purchase elderberry syrup in the store.  I purchased a few commercial brands online to trial the benefits.  After a couple of months of taking the syrup, my husband and I both noticed the benefits of the syrup and how we were finally staying well and healthy.

There were a few issues....

  1. COST - The cost to continue taking a Commercial brand elderberry syrup on a daily basis for a family of 4 was exuberant.   
  2. TASTE - I had to force/coerce my husband and boys to take on daily basis because the taste was gross.  The brands we had tried did not taste good at all.  My philosophy has always been if it's good for you, it should taste good.
  3. INGREDIENTS - If you read the labels of the Commercial brands in the market.  Most contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and thickening agents that are not necessary for our bodies.

I embarked on perfecting a recipe that the whole family would enjoy, a recipe that was 100% natural and a recipe that would save us money.  Throughout the years, I would always bless friends and family with the syrup because I wanted everyone to experience the same benefits of staying well.  I would often hear that I should provide a product to sell in the market locally.  The resounding feedback that I would hear is "your syrup actually tastes so good", "your syrup does not have any of the additives and preservatives and it still tastes great" and "I have finally been staying well taking elderberry.  Thank you so much for telling me about the benefits of elderberries."

After a few years of hearing the same message and truly believing God allowed me to embark on this journey, I decided to start my company and share with others like yourself, the benefits of elderberries and how it is has changed our lives and so many others that we know.  We now get to share the power of wellness in elderberries with you.